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Today in the new article of the ErbeMoni Blog - News from the World of Cannabis Light, we will analyze how stress works, how it has monopolized our lives and how we can effectively reduce it by using CBD oils.


Stress is more than a physiological response, it is a lifestyle. Nowadays, people are constantly stressed about work, finances, relationships, health and so on and so forth.

If we allow them to take control of our lives, it can represent a very high price to pay for health.

Today, people use CBD to manage stress levels, relax and protect the body from the devastation that chronic stress can cause.

Stress is designed to help us

Our ancestors developed the stress response as a way to get us out of a problematic situation.

Imagine coming face to face with a tiger. He's hungry, and we're definitely on his menu.

Fortunately, there is the stress reaction also called the "fight or flight" reaction.

Some parts of our brains immediately recognize the threat and release hormones that make their way to the adrenal glands, located above each kidney.

These glands then begin pumping stress hormones, which travel throughout the body through the bloodstream to produce what we identify as stress.

This system is designed to give us a physical and mental boost to help us fight the tiger or escape to safety.

Thanks to these hormones, they prepare our body by giving a temporary advantage over the tiger to help us get out of danger.

We become wittier, more aware of our surroundings, our muscles are stronger, we have more energy and we become numb to pain and discomfort.

In this context, stress is extremely valuable. It can mean the difference between life and death.

The negative impacts of stress

In the encounter with the tiger, stress helped us. We were able to fight the tiger or run for cover. Mission accomplished, we will live another day.

Now the body needs to reverse the changes made during the stress response and return to normal.

Our adrenal glands stop producing cortisol, blood sugar levels return to normal, heart rate slows, blood pressure drops, and digestive and immune systems become active again.

This is what is supposed to happen, but lately this is not always the case.

These days, most people are stressed out by activities that don't threaten our lives, like getting enough money to buy that new pair of shoes, or a relationship isn't like it used to be, or having too much. to do.

These types of stresses tend not to go away. We never fight the tiger to escape far enough to calm down. So we remain in a hyper-stimulated state of stress.

Over time, this has many negative effects on the body.

Some of the more common examples include:

  • The immune system fails, to the point that we seem to catch every cold or flu along our way
  • We develop a metabolic disease, such as diabetes, when blood sugar levels stay high for weeks or months
  • The suppressed digestive system makes it difficult to absorb the nutrients we need and starts to become inflamed
  • Blood pressure remains high and arteries begin to harden, Hypertension
  • We develop neurological disorders such as anxiety and depression due to the constant state of hyperstimulation.

There are many other examples of problems that can arise when we live in a state of stress for too long, without actually calming down and recovering.

Therefore, learning to use tools such asCBD oil, will give us a great hand to stop the constant state of stress, to give the body time to recover.

Now let's see what role CBD plays in the stress response.

CBD for stress

In recent years, CBD has become a famous supplement, also thanks to the legalization of Cannabis Light and consequently to CBD, here in Italy.

It has a long list of benefits and is used for an even longer list of pathologies. 

How can a substance be so useful for so many ailments, you wonder?

Curiously, a lot happens thanks to its ability to regulate and control our stress response.

Think about it.

If something manages to lower our stress response, and that prevents the damage it has on the body, it will impact everything from the brain to the skin and everything in between.

Using CBD oil for stress

So, you may be wondering how exactly CBD helps with stress.

Basically, the effects of CBD on stress include:

  • The improvement of the hypothalamic function, that is, it blocks the production of stress hormones.
  • The protection of the body from oxidative damage, so we avoid inflammation or chronic pain, because it slows down the hyperactivity to which we are constantly subjected.
  • Promoting calming and relaxation by stimulating the glands that release suitable hormones.

The best CBD oil for stress

When you want to buy CBD oil for stress, it is vital that you find something high in CBD, but which also contains all the other terpenes and antioxidants found naturally in the plant. For this reason, we recommend a high quality full spectrum hemp oil.

There are plenty of excellent CBD oil producers out there, but there are also poor quality ones.

On our site you can find all CBD oils that we have personally chosen from the best producers in Italy and that meet the requirements listed above.

Dosage of CBD oil

Dosing CBD oil can be a challenge because it works slightly differently in each of us.

Some products will have the dose printed on the bottle, others will not, they leave you guessing.

Take a look at the our guide to the dosage of CBD oil for a detailed explanation on how to calculate the dose based on the desired weight and intensity.

We recommend starting with the lowest dose and gradually increasing once you understand the personal effects it has on you.


CBD oil is an excellent daily supplement. It has a long list of beneficial effects and can go a long way in improving our quality of life.

One of the main ways it does this is to help us cope with stress.

It acts directly on the hypothalamus, protects us from oxidative damage and tells the brain to slow down and rest when we go at one hundred kilometers per hour.

If you use CBD oil for stress, it is important to use only CBD oils based on organic hemp and full spectrum.


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