The True Story of 420, the Marijuana Festival.


Tell the truth, who at least once in his life has not heard or seen this number, 4/20 or 4.20 or simply 420.

There are so many legends about this number in the cannabis world, today is the day to reveal the real story of this famous number, 420!

Where did it start?

It all started in the 1970s in California (where, if not), by a group of friends from San Rafael High School known as "Waldos" (in honor of their favorite hangout, a wall outside the school. term was brother-in-law in 1971.)

Let's start with the story

The story of the Waldos is this: one day, in the fall of 1971 around October (harvest time) the Waldos learned of a Coast Guard official, Gary Newman, who could no longer take care of his marijuana plot located nearby. at the Point Reyes Coast Guard Station.

With a treasure map in their hands, the Waldos decided to collect some of that weed for free.

The Waldos, who were all athletes, arranged to meet in front of the statue of Louis Pasteur in front of the school at 4:20 pm, after training, to start the hunt.

“In the hallways, we reminded each other of our 4:20 appointment. At first we called him 4:20-Louis, but then that 'Louis' was eliminated,” says Capper, 57.

The first raids proved to be a failure, but the group continued to search for hidden cultivation. "We met at 4:20, got into my old '66 Chevy Impala and, of course, started smoking right away. We smoked all the way from Point Reyes, smoked the whole time while we were there.

We continued like this for weeks ", Capper recalls." But we never found the plot. "

What they found, however, was a very useful password. "If I said to a friend of mine" 420 "we understood each other instantly. He knew if I meant" Hey, do you want to go for a smoke? Or "Do you have some?" or "Are you done now?". There was a kind of telepathy just from the way you said it, "explains Capper." Our teachers didn't know what we were talking about, just as our parents didn't. "


Sure it's a short story but you finally know about the origin of this famous term.

The 5 Waldos could not imagine that one day, that 420 would be celebrated around the world by weed smokers every April 20th.

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