How to take CBD?

Hello to all the boys and girls here who is talking to you is Moni, and today I present to you a new article from the ErbeMoni Blog - News from the world of Cannabis Light.

Today I wanted to talk to you about a simple thing, but don't take it for granted, how and in what ways can CBD be taken? If you have most likely arrived or arrived on this page you do not know or you are not sure, so today I will explain it to you.

I would start with "which", as we all know, CBD now exists in various products. All are born from the classic initial form that is the Legal Hemp Sativa Cima, or more commonly called, the Cannabis Light or Legal Weed. Here she is the fulcrum and the beginning of everything.

From the Top of the Cannabis Light then all the CBD Derivatives that we know are produced, such as;

- CBD oil
- Legal Hashish
- Moonrock
- CBD crystals
- Liquids for Vaping
- Food
- Herbal tea with CBD
- CBD paste
- Drinks and Coffee
- CBD capsules

These listed above are the most popular products that contain CBD.

Each of them contains a percentage of CBD that varies according to the type of product, every serious manufacturer and retailer must accompany them all with analyzes by accredited laboratories in order to ensure the final consumer the real percentages of CBD within them and to guarantee their quality. Always remember to ask, it is your right to have them.

Now let's see the popular products how we can take them.

CBD oil

CBD oil or hemp oil is certainly among the best known and used above all by elderly people or those who do not want to smoke.

The beneficial effects I had already seen in our last blog article, which you can find here: The Benefits of CBD.

The intake of the oil takes place mainly sublingually, that is, putting drops under the tongue in such a way as to make them absorb faster by the body.

Usually you start with a low dose, for example 2 drops as needed and slowly go up until you find the right dose for yourself.

Do not use it in water or other drinks unless it is water-soluble, because being oil it tends to float on the waterline without mixing.

The most common cases for which it is used are; therefore, before going to sleep, insonia is taken or as inflammation or migraine is taken when necessary. Oil is an excellent homeopathic remedy.

It is found in various concentrations, from 3% to 28%, but to which there is a very important clarification, the maximum real concentration that can be had is 16%. Because in Italy there is a limit of 0.5% of THC, these two elements must always have a constant ratio, thanks to this ratio the CBD can have the desired effect otherwise it would not be activated without its small percentage of THC.

We have the CBD oils ranging from 5% to 15% concentration, we always recommend starting from the lowest if you have not had experience with these products.



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