Cannabis and Exams


Very important premise, this article is NOT about those who use Cannabis Light or CBD products, because the THC content is within the legal limits.

Therefore not detectable in antitoxicological tests.

You've finally gotten that position for a long time, but sadly we weed smokers have a big problem .. Weed.

In this country, as we unfortunately know, cannabis is still illegal. In many cases such as new jobs or other unpleasant situations, toxicological tests are mandatory.

Today we discover how to dispose of THC faster inside our body.

How much THC from cannabis remains in us?

Let's start from an assumption, each of us is different, has a different organism and habits of their own.

For this reason, in each of us the THC of Marijuana remains for various days in each of us.

The average in fluids, such as urine or blood, is from 1 day to 30 days from the last consumption, but beware, those who are subjected to hair tests will be detected for several months.

What affects the speed to metabolize THC?

Now let's see the factors that can influence the body to excrete THC from your body.

- How much and how often do you consume Cannabis

- How are you built if you are thin or how much body fat you have

- What kind of tests they use

Dosage and frequency of use

The factor that most of all influences the permanence of THC in your body is the frequency and dosage with which you use Cannabis.

Because the more you use marijuana the more time your body will take to dispose of it.
It depends on how you take it, whether by mouth or by smoking. Orally, like a marijuana cookie, it takes longer to dispose of.

The THC level of Marijuana, if it contains more, it will surely take longer.

If you are a chronic or occasional smoker, as you can easily guess, those who are occasional will take much less time to dispose of it.

If you smoke a gram a day or two, your body will take longer.
As you can see, the factors are many, but all easily identifiable.

Build you own

Why, if we have a more important fat mass, it takes longer to dispose of it?

Because THC is stored in fat cells (since it is fat soluble). A person with lower fat mass has smaller amounts of it inside so the body excretes THC faster.

Sex also makes a difference, women having more fat mass than men, for purely genetic reasons, will take longer to dispose of THC.

What test does the laboratory use?

As we know, various methods are used to detect THC inside the body; saliva, hair, blood or urine.

The most common is that of urine, mainly because it is the cheapest. But luckily at a sensitivity of 50ng / ml, so a fairly low sensitivity.

For this reason, those who use Cannabis Light or CBD products can sleep peacefully, because the maximum THC content within CBD products is at most 0.50% instead in 0% foods.

You can rest assured.

Time of disposal in the urine test

THC can be detected in the urine for varying times especially on the frequency of use before the last consumption:

- Occasional consumer (one to three times a week): 3 days

- Moderate consumer (four times a week): 5–7 days

- Chronic consumer (daily): 10-15 days

- Chronic heavy consumer (several times a day): over 30 days

Assuming that the classic urine test has a detectable threshold up to 50ng / ml.

How to get rid of THC from your body faster

Obviously, the first step is to stop using Cannabis from the first day you learn about the upcoming exams.

Drinking a lot of water may be trivial but consuming a lot of water in the days before and taking a lot of pee helps to dispose of the THC faster. But be careful, do not drink too much or you risk that the sample will be diluted so they will make you repeat the test.

Using zinc supplements, research has found that zinc helps produce false negatives for 11-18 hours after their last consumption. Go straight to the vitamin shelf and buy it, very important first consult your doctor if you can take it.

Detox drinks, as you can imagine Detox drinks help cleanse and rid the body of THC.

Activated Carbon, again through research, it was found that activated carbon binds to THC molecules, and many other drugs, and helps to "transport" the THC molecules outside.


We have taught you some simple tricks to pass the urine toxicological test, we know that it is an unpleasant thing, unfortunately in some cases it has to be done.

Although in my opinion it is not right to interfere in a person's private life and what he does in his free time.

Importantly, anyone who uses CBD products ABSOLUTELY need not worry.

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