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Order now your Cannabis Light and you will receive it immediately in the day between 16.00 and 24.00. 

Couriers in "bourgeois" is anonymous parcels, to respect yours privacy.

Active service throughout Varese is province.

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ErbeMoni Cannabis Light

Fast and anonymous shipping throughout Italy

There home delivery is free throughout Italy (over € 50) and the envelope arrives at your home in only 24 hours.

The envelope is totally anonymous and thanks to our packaging odorless it can also be left in the mailbox without any problems.


Our Cannabis Light is totally legal and with THC by i legal limits, follows the bill 242/16 and all the following circulars issued.

Natural and Organic

We manage to guarantee a natural product thanks to the innovative cultivation techniques and the use of natural fertilizers.

Each of our products is equipped with analysis for ensure true THC / CBD levels and the absence of heavy metals.

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ErbeMoni - The True Cannabis Light

We at ErbeMoni are committed to guaranteeing the quality of our Legal Weed respecting the highest levels of control over the supply chain, guaranteeing all our customers the best products selected at European level. 

Here you will find certified "legal weed" and accompanied by analysis, all of our Inflorescence of Legal Hemp Sativa passes through accredited laboratories before arriving at you.

Only by doing this we can always satisfy you and offer you the best Cannabis Light in Europe and all its derivatives; such as CBD Oil, Moonrock and Hashish.

ErbeMoni on the subject of Marijuana Light is synonymous with quality, safety, speed, honesty, economic and respectful of your privacy.

Home delivery

All that remains is for you choose your favorite Cannabis Light, to order and in sun 24 hours will arrive at your home by express courier free (with tracklink).

In totally anonymous and odorless envelope to respect your privacy.

The CBD Legal Weed

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